Success Stories

DirectionLean Success Stories

I have struggled with an extra 35 lbs. for several years now. I had 2 doctors tell me that at my age the weight probably wouldn’t come off, so get used to it. Then another doctor was so insulting with his comment “you’re just an overweight middle aged woman and the chances of the weight coming off is not good”. How devastating! I’ve tried all the major weight loss programs just to be disappointed. I almost believed those doctors when my friend introduced me to the DirectionLEAN™ program less than a month ago. I almost can’t believe my experience; I think I’ll go back to those doctors and have them eat their words.

Bethanne age 58

I feel great. I have lots of energy. My experience with The DirectionLEAN™ protocol is that it is very easy to follow and I love my results.

Joan age 69

DirectionLEAN™ has changed my life! I’ve not felt this good in a long time! Amazing how this program honestly removes the toxins, body fat and your body shrinks at the same time!! Love it!! 

Gwen 50′s

Thanks DirectionLEAN™ I feel great! 
Elena 49

I have reached my happy weight using the DirectionLEAN™ program! I feel WONDERFUL! 

Donna 60′s

Having my health back is INCREDIBLE! 

Lorie- 45 yrs old -Thanks!

Since I started on the program I haven’t had one migraine… What I like most is I don’t crave bad foods and I am not hungry! I am a true believer in the DirectionLEAN™ program. 

Patti age 35 from North Dakota

Using DirectionLEAN™ I now have clarity of mind, more strength and energy, better sleep patterns and overall just feel better! I am continuing my healthy eating habits and have incorporated this into my family meals. No one has missed anything. I feel healthy and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this! A new year, a new me!

Anne age 39 from Seattle, Washington

What others are saying about 24BRAIN™:

I started taking mega doses of vitamins at age eight. Over the years, I experimented on my own to find the “ultimate” supplement that would make me feel healthy, provide needed support for my workouts, and help me sleep better. After 48 years, I’ve found it! A few months ago I added 24BRAIN™ from directionH to my lifestyle and now I no longer experience the 3:00pm blood-sugar drop and sleepiness, I now enjoy constant energy flow all day and I have noticed a more sound sleep. I can say, with complete conviction that in my experience, the 24BRAIN™ products work and are the best nutrients I have ever taken. I have much gratitude to directionH for their knowledge and expertise. My success of using 24BRAIN has been nothing short of AMAZING!

Rick age 55

I was losing it mentally and I was really scared. My experience after taking 24BRAIN™ for only a few day was that my mental clarity became so much better. Also, my hair and nails are a lot stronger. I don’t understand it, but I truly have a feeling of wellness.

Cathy age 60

After years of struggling with chronic fatigue and numerous health issues and trying many different medications and treatments, my experience with 24BRAIN™ and BRAINpeace™ has taken me far beyond what I could hope for. My mind is clearer, I have very little exhaustion and my chronic pain is minimal. I find I can push myself and bounce back quickly. My immune system has really improved. 

Patty age 52

In two months’ time, my energy level increased tenfold while taking 24BRAIN™. I sleep more rested and my mental clarity has increased profoundly. I have also noticed an extremely marked improvement in my hormone levels, i.e. mood swings, and my ability to cope with stress. 

Tara age 38

I have suffered with respiratory ailments and psoriasis for about 15 years now. Yes, I was a smoker and I don’t recommend it, but since taking “24BRAIN™” I can’t believe how much better I am breathing and feeling. I don’t need oxygen anymore. Also, the itchy patches on the back of my head are almost gone. I have never had anything really work on this problem. I tell everyone that in my experience directionH products have made the difference. 

Madelyn age 67

I have tried many different things in the nutritional world. It has been my experience that DirectionH 24BRAIN™ has lessened the intensity and duration of the depression and mood swings that I have suffered with for over 25 years. I’m also sleeping better since my injury of 1997. 

Steve age 55

I have enjoyed the 24BRAIN™ products very much because of the emotional and physical effects. Emotionally I feel I have mellowed and now surrounding issues do not affect me so deeply. Physically, I have been able to lose weight, almost eliminate my cravings for sweets, and I have enjoyed having my hair grow in with my natural color. In my belief 24BRAIN has made the difference. I feel good during the day time and I sleep so well at night, thanks to the 24BRAIN™ Day and Night Formulas. 

Vicky 53

In my opinion, the most outstanding feature of the 24BRAIN™ nutrients is the immune system boost. While using the nutrients this past 90 days I could actually feel my body fighting off colds and an “almost” bout of the flu. Each time I felt that I was getting sick, my body fought it off, and I did not experience any severe symptoms. 

Patty age 55

I’m 74 years old and I’m proud of the fact that I don’t need any medications. I take 24BRAIN™ and in my experience it helps keep me in working order. I’m also losing size around my middle (which I have had for many, many years) and I look forward to the next 74 years! 24BRAIN™ makes me want to stay active and do and live like a kid again. My mind works so much better. 

Jan age 74

For much of my life, I’ve worked as a nurse, and I was a hiker in my spare time. I’ve enjoyed quite an active life. A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then Hashimoto’s Disease and suffered from severe low energy. I felt mentally disengaged with absolutely no drive nor inclination to do much of anything. I was in shock to go from always having remarkable good health to disease; I really thought my life was over. It was horrible. In the early part of November, I began taking the 24BRAIN™ products and within a week, I experienced a dramatic rise in my energy levels and mental clarity. I began to feel more engaged in life and started working again. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. My experience has been that the longer I use the 24BRAIN™ system the more I notice my overall health continuing to improve. More and more body systems seem to come “on-line” as I continue these nutrients. It’s been a remarkable improvement, and I’m so grateful for all the positive changes in my life!

Nell age 60