ANGELtrition Institute®

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Executive Location: Grants Pass, OR
Official entrance into the Community November, 2009


Our mission is to create a road map for workable solutions to the nutritional epidemics of the modern era.


Our purpose is to think globally and manage locally as we assist in the engineering of victorious solutions to the nutritional epidemics of our world. The lifeblood of our company is to further Research and Development for the creation of new technologies and methodologies that assist in delivering answers to the rapidly changing circumstances that face our health and well-being. We are stepping forward and offering a strong, vibrant, and rewarding opportunity for everyone who comes in contact with the ANGELtrition Institute®.


Our professional staff has extensive global experience in implementing best business practices and strategies with subsequent certifications in both the public and private sector. These individuals have stepped forward to advance the ANGELtrition Institute® to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity, achievement and effectiveness . Our team supplies a shared vision to inspire people to achieve extraordinary results and cultivate leading breakthroughs .

Make a (tax-deductible) donation to our not for profit. Support our efforts to develop new and useful services and products, encourage educational efforts, and promote the work of committed futurists. With a general public educated to the benefits of our studies and work, the support for the field will grow because people and organizations will recognize the critical need for forethought into the nutritional future of mankind.


Honor America’s Men and Women who have offered their lives for national freedom:

  • Extend the helping hand of healthful and financial assistance to feel the appreciation of a free country

Nutritional Resource Extension support for Schools:

  • Design age specific educational programs beginning with pre-schools continuing through to all levels of education
  • Author a book series for children with educational and entertainment attributes leading to a marketing campaign that becomes the household favorite

Position the wisdom back into the Native American Diet:

  • Construct a mobile team to work hands on with Native Americans in their communities
  • Establish programs to show how tribes can better manage their resources.

A Special Needs Division for the Elderly:

  • Develop programs that target Care Takers and Senior Centers:
  • Set-up intern programs in partnership with High Schools and Colleges to assist the elderly with their nutritional needs

Caring for the Future:

  • Time-released programs for the special needs of mothers and for those planning motherhood
  • Incentive programs for participation in curriculum that prepares for a healthy future for both mother and child


The US nonprofit sector is the sixth largest economy in the world. The growing importance of nonprofits as essential partners to business have led to unprecedented opportunity to define a vision and strategic plan to address the modern era of nutritional epidemics. Our impact will create a seamless connectivity between knowledge and the well-being of our society. We are a forward-thinking Institution that recognizes that all have a stake and responsibility to the future – delivering life-promoting nutritional solutions. The future will work best if all are heard. Please join us.


Where do I begin…what do you say when someone helps you get your life back? The words don’t offer justice to what the truth is, but I can begin by saying Dr. Wilson and his products have offered me another great chance in life to really make a difference. I joined the Army when I was 17 years old to proudly serve my country. I served for seven years in Iraq and Afghanistan under very brutal circumstances. During my time there I held onto the belief that if I just got home where it’s safe all would be back to a normal life for me. That was not the reality.

Life proved to be very difficult with all the baggage that was put upon me. I was diagnosed with PDSD, depression, and my physical body experienced many aches and pains in many areas. I needed help. I began seeing Dr. Wilson on a regular basis and began using his miracle products and I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without him. Since taking his products I am no longer on medications for anything, I have lost of a lot of weight, I sleep great, and I don’t have the constant aches and pains. I am feeling very creative and now I am in enrolled in School because I have the confidence that is sending me to the top of the class. I want every soldier to know Dr. Wilson because everyone needs a hero!

Katrina age 24